This Week in Photos | February 25th, 2020

February 29th, 2020

A few thousand supporters flooded the Boston Common Saturday when Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders stopped in Boston ahead of Super Tuesday. 

Photos by Photo Editor, Mitch Bruehwiler & Arts Editor, Eddie Reinhardt.



February 20th, 2020

On Thursday evening, the Asian American Association (AAA) gathered with nine other Suffolk University cultural groups to put fashion from different countries in the spotlight. Students strutted up and down the catwalk in the Samia Cafe, proudly modeling clothing from diverse backgrounds in a beautiful show titled “A Night Around the World.”

Photos by Julia Ahaesy.


February 20th-22nd

This past weekend, the Performing Arts Office (PAO) debuted its version of “Mr. Burns, a Post-Electric Play,” playing shows on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening at the Modern Theatre.

Photos by Dan McHugh Photography.


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